InsureAfrika is a Kenyan company that provides free online insurance quotes from insurance companies in Kenya. This service will save you the time you will otherwise spend looking for insurance quotes. It will also save you money by linking you to companies that have the lowest quotes for each type of insurance. We currently provide insurance quotes for the following products;

How to get Insurance Quotes from InsureAfrika

Our system works by matching your insurance needs to existing quotes compiled from various insurance companies in Kenya. First, you enter your details on the car insurance quote form, the health insurance quote form, or the travel insurance quote form. After that, we automatically generate a list of quotes for you, and rank them from the least expensive to the most expensive. You then pick your preferred quote. Thereafter, the insurance company will contact you.

Our Services

Our range of services currently include the following...

Car Insurance:

We have developed relationships with leading car insurance companies in Kenya to provide quotes to our clients for all types of car insurance. You can get quotes for comprehensive insurance cover in Kenya, third party fire and theft, and third party motor insurance. In all these classes, the covers includes additional benefits such as the terrorism cover, ATM theft cover, and the excess protector.

Health Insurance:

The health insurance sector is undergoing rapid changes in Kenya. Insureafrika provides medical insurance quotes to clients seeking an individual health insurance cover, or corporate health insurance cover. Our service will make it easy for you to pick a corporate cover for your employees, or to recommend one to your boss.

Travel Insurance:

Insureafrika currently offers quotes for travel insurance to clients who are planning to travel abroad. Travel insurance packages vary, but they all typically cover medical expenses and losses arising from lost luggage, theft, trip delays, and cancellations. You can see the full range of benefits of travel insurance covers here.

Insurance Information and Articles

Insureafrika is also fast becoming the most comprehensive source of insurance information in Kenya. We regularly develop industryanalysis reports and publish incisive articles on developments in the insurance industry. We also have a large collection of car insurance articles written to address the information needs of everyone with an interest in the sector. This comes from our long-term commitment towards making it easy for Kenyans to access services from insurance companies in Kenya.