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How To Effectively Administer Your Company’s Corporate Motor Insurance Scheme

March 10, 2015

When you are not primarily an insurance company, administering a corporate motor insurance scheme can be a very serious challenge. This becomes even harder if you have a large fleet of company cars, in addition to a staff motor insurance scheme mediated by the company. Insurance, especially when handling claims, can be such a hustle for someone who is primarily in Administration, Finance, Procurement, or HR, depending on the company. We have prepare a small cheat sheet that can help you to take charge of your company’s motor Insurance Scheme and give you that satisfaction of being “on top of things” Here is the list

1. Take Charge!

The number one cause of stress for employees who manage motor vehicle insurance issues is lack of clarity on who is in charge of what. The process of coordinating motor insurance concerns usually involves at least all the departments we listed above, and depending on the organization, the person who is in charge may be in any one these departments. If you are involved in the process but it is unclear who exactly is in charge, then you have two options. First, you can decide to seek clarity from your boss as to where the buck stops when it comes to the company’s motor insurance in kenya. If your boss doesn’t know, you may be in trouble, but work towards clarifying who is in charge of it. The second option is to take charge. Many workers fear additional responsibilities and then go ahead to waste good energy scheming how to avoid the work. If you take charge of it, officially or otherwise, you will have control over it and it will make it easier to administer the scheme.

2. Draw a Map

Secondly, draw a process map that shows how each process should be handled. If you are not into maps, you can use a list showing all steps each case goes thorough before it is resolved. Process maps (or their equivalent) can help you to figure out what needs to happen at every stage and are a good way of measuring your progress down the line. The only predictable thing when it comes to insurance is when you need to pay your premiums. You can never plan when to make claims because they result from accidental events. A process map will make you ready to handle any unforeseen situation with clarity, and without the need to figure out everything each time something happens.

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3. Use Checklists

The beauty of everything in insurance is that the processes used by insurance companies are very well mapped out. It is possible to develop checklists to help you handle every claims process, or every motor insurance procurement process. Checklists will help you to be certain that you have done everything required, and you will not need to spend time thinking through every process you need handle. For instance, you may have all the documents needed to file an application for motor insurance cover committed to memory. If you do not translate that to a checklist, you may miss one of the important documents simply because you have no method of verifying that you have filed all documents. Then again, since you don’t fill these forms on a daily basis, it is easy to forget a small detail in the forms. A checklist will eliminate all the stress you may experience in such situations.

4. Keep all Relevant Documents at Hand

This tip is almost a no brainer, but most people simply assume that they have access to everything they need. Imagine you are applying for motor insurance for company cars, or your company has hired a new manager who is supposed to be enjoined in your company’s motor insurance scheme. Would you prefer to go searching for the proposal forms in last year’s emails or would you prefer getting the forms from a folder on your computer called, “Insurance forms”? Collect all relevant documents and keep them in a folder that is easily accessible so that you save the time you otherwise will spend trying to locate important documents. At the risk of being repetitive, it should be noted that accidents do not follow a schedule, and hence you need to have everything at hand in anticipation for any eventualities.

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5. Use Productivity Tools Such as Insureafrica’s Free Online Quote Form

If you are charged with procuring insurance for new employees, you will benefit a lot from productivity tools that make it easier for you to get the job done. For instance, you can easily get insurance quotes from several insurance companies in Kenya by simply filling the auto insurance quotes form found on the insureafrika website. The form will make it possible for you to compare quotes in real time, and will make it easy to submit your contact details to an insurance company of your choice. From then on, the motor insurance company will get in touch with you to process your application. Using such productivity tools can drastically ease the entire work of administering your company’s motor insurance scheme.

6. Build a Relationship with your Insurance Agent

Another tip that you can use to make it easy for you to administer your motor insurance scheme is to forge a strong relationship with your insurance agent. Your agent can help you to hasten the processing of your applications and your claims. Just get in touch periodically whether you have any needs or not. Send thank you messages, share calendars and jokes, and generally show concern for them. When the inevitable happens, you will have an ally.  

7. Educate your Staff

The final tip we have is for you to educate you staff in insurance matters. Make a point of raising one motor insurance related issue with all members of staff at least once a week. Education in this case does not mean organizing training seminars to talk about motor insurance. What it means is that you empower your staff members to make smart choices around insurance issues. If they need your intervention less because you have empowered them, you will have succeeded in making you auto insurance scheme easier to administer. You can do this by sending then interesting articles on mail, sharing insurance resources, and having personal discussion on insurance with those who make queries.

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