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5 Steps For Getting Affordable Car Insurance

November 10, 2014

Getting affordable insurance is one of the most important activities a car owner engages in. The decision on which company to approach and what insurance product to buy is very critical. In essence, insurance is about getting the pledge of an insurer that if something goes wrong in the course of using your vehicle, the company will step in and put you back on your feet.

In the Kenyan context, buying affordable car insurance can be very challenging especially to first time car owners. This process need not be complicated, and that is why we have distilled it into the following steps.

Step 1: Start Shopping Early

Car insurance is not an emergency expenditure. However, failure to shop early may make it an emergency. Once your current insurance lapses, it becomes illegal immediately to drive your car. In this sense, your new insurance policy must be ready before the current one elapses.

InsureAfrika encourages car owners and those intending to buy a car to start shopping for insurance early. New car owners are especially susceptible to expensive auto insurance because of little market knowledge.

Step 2: Understand the Basics of Car Insurance

Secondly, read to understand how insurance works, especially motor insurance kenya. It is important to understand basic procedures such as when to place a claim, the process of placing a claim, and all the legal and regulatory requirements that undergird motor insurance in your country. In some cases, even experienced motorists may not know how to handle their insurance concerns when it comes to choosing an insurance cover.

In this regard, don’t only rely on friends who have many years of experience on the road for your insurance education. Visit an insurance broker, and read information from reputable sources to shore up your insurance knowledge.

Step 3: Determine your Needs

It is very critical to know what sort of cover you need for your car. All auto insurance covers have certain basic elements complemented by product enhancements. For instance, all cars in Kenya must have a third party cover to protect other road users from the effects of an accident involving any car. There are also comprehensive car insuance policies that cover aspects such as accidental damage and theft.

In addition to these, it is possible to buy a policy with an enhancement that will cover your car against damage arising from terrorism. Therefore, it is imperative to determine which risks you want to be covered from before you make a commitment to any policy. Otherwise, it may be very overwhelming to handle all the information that insurance brokers will send your way.

Step 4: Shortlist Insurance Providers

The fourth step in getting affordable insurance is to shortlist the insurance companies you want to deal with. Part of the criteria you should use is the claims settlement history of the company, as well the speed of services. It is possible to tell an efficient insurance company from a lacklustre one based on how they respond to your queries. This is not a sufficient measure but it can give you a feel of how efficient their operations are. Talk to people around you to find out which companies they prefer and why.

Step 5: Request for Quotes

Once you have all this information, contact the shortlisted companies and ask them for quotes based on the needs you identified in step 3. It is possible to get all this information via email in a day or two.

Alternatively, fill our insurance quotes online request form and we will handle it for you from there. Either way, you will have a list of quotes, which will help you choose a company that will insure you car. Our online quoting system will also rank for you the cost of premiums from all the companies you are evaluating.

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