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Expired License Can Ruin Insurance

November 10, 2014

When was the last time you checked whether your had a valid driving license? Many motorists, especially those who do not drive across counties, tend to forget to renew their driving licenses, and end up complicating their car insurance claims in case of an accident. This is because it is very rare for a traffic police officer to ask for a licence in residential roads. It pays to check time and again when your license will expire to ensure that you have a new licence on time.

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The need for a valid license becomes apparent as soon as you need to contact your insurer in regards to an accident. Insurance companies can fail to pay your claim if it becomes apparent that you did not have a valid driving license as at the time of the accident. In effect, you were driving illegally and you are not entitled to any cover under those circumstances.

Apart from messing up your insurance, driving with an invalid licncense can land you in jail. Even before you need to talk to your insurer about claims arising from incidents that may have taken place when your had an expired license, you will need to deal with law enforcement agents. It is a bad idea to drive with an expired licence regardless of how you look at it.

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This caution also applies to other people who may drive your car for whatever reason. Whether it is your spouse, you children or a close relative, always ensure that their license is up to date before allowing them to take driver’s seat. If for any reason an accident occurs when they are on the wheel, you will have a very difficult time processing your claims. 

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