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4 Ways Motor Insurance could Leave you Needing a Lawyer

December 15, 2014

Your motor insurance policy may at times make it necessary for you to engage a lawyer. Auto Insurance policies are actually documents prepared by company lawyers. That explains the “shalls”, “thees”, “thereofs, and “wherefores” all over policy documents, the aforesaid being words uniquely employed by lawyers to say things like, “if you hit a tree while driving drunk, we will not pay”. The following are four ways in which your motor insurance policy may leave you needing a lawyer.

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1. When you have a dispute with your insurance provider

Disputes between clients and insurance companies in kenya happen. Usually they stem from a misunderstanding between the client and the insurance company. When clients buy car insurance Kenya, they never expect that they will need it.

They clients often do not take time to read the fine print, until they need the insurance company to step in and settle a claim. In this sense, a dispute that is impossible to resolve between a client and an auto insurance company is likely to escalate into a lawyer issue. Extreme cases end up in court, as a suit against either party because of contractual disagreements.

2. If your Insurance Company thinks, your Claim is Fraudulent

If for any reason your auto insurance company thinks your claim is fraudulent, you will most likely need a lawyer to prosecute the matter for you. Lawyers are trained to examine evidence and to make an informed decision as to whether the matter would stand up in court or otherwise. If your lawyer thinks you are guilty, then he will try to settle the matter before it escalates.

Otherwise, the insurance company may institute criminal proceedings against you and you will still need your lawyer to handle the matter. Suspected fraud may be easier to handle compared to proven fraud. Your claim may have the tell tale signs of fraud even if it is a legit case. The motor insurance company will investigate the issues and clarify its suspicions. If fraud is substantiated, then you will likely go through a court process before you can be cleared, or jailed.

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3. If your Accident Case Ends up in Court

Another way that you may end up needing a lawyer based on your motor insurance is if you are involved in an accident, and then in spite of possible compensation, the other party decides to sue you.

This can happen if the claim settlement is either inadequate to deal with the consequences of the accident, or if the person affected feels the need to get more justice. For instance, if someone dies because of an accident, you were involved in, and then it is proven that you were driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be prosecuted for criminal negligence. You will need your lawyer.

4. When you hit a lawyer’s car

Finally, on a light note, if you hit a lawyer’s car, you will need another lawyer just to understand what the lawyer you hit is saying. Your lawyer will be able to decipher the “aforesaids” and the “aforementioned” the other lawyer will use to describe what happened. 

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