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How Motor Insurance can make you Sick

December 15, 2014

Motor insurance can make you sick under certain circumstances. Auto insurance should give you peace of mind by taking away the risk management concerns that come with owning a car. This is the idea. In practice, motor insurance can actually make you sick for various reasons.

First, you can get sick because of the hassle of looking for money to pay your insurance premiums. The problem with insurance premiums is that you pay them once a year and it is usually in a lump sum. Kenyans are more attuned to monthly instalment payments. Instead of paying sixty thousand shillings at once, most Kenyans would prefer to pay five thousands shillings every month. Unfortunately, this is not how insurance works.

Secondly, you can get sick if your claim is denied. This is not a biggie if the claim was not large. However, if your car is damaged beyond repair and then your insurer refuses to pay you, then you can fall sick. Thirdly, you can get sick because of motor insurance if your auto insurance company collapses, rendering your policy useless. It is rare for insurance companies to collapse, but it has happened around the world and even in Kenya.

The most likely health impacts resulting from motor insurance failures are stress and heart attacks. Stress can result from all the causes mentioned above. For someone who has invested a significant sum in a car that is written off, and whose claim is denied, the stakes are higher. Such a person may suffer from a heart attack if he has no way of recovering his investment. The investment may be several million shillings, or a significant amount of someone’s net worth. Cars bought on loan and whose claims have been denied can cause your heart to skip a bit, if not more.

The good news is that there are ways of mitigating all these challenges in order to make car insurance easier to manage. First, one can start saving early for insurance premiums. Many facilities today allow you to lock your savings until it gets to a certain amount. You can use such facilities to save money for car insurance premiums. Secondly, you can negotiate with your insurance provider for more time to meet your premium payments. Many companies offer short-term coverage based on partial payment of premiums.

The third tip you can use to avoid getting sick because of your motor insurance is to choose a reputable company to handle your car insurance needs. Find companies that have a strong market presence and solid reputations, and make one of them your auto insurance company.

Finally, use our online quote form to get free motor insurance quotes from various providers. We will give you comparative quotes from different providers and you can choose the one you want us to forward your details. This way you will get the best deal in a hassle free manner, and you will be able to avoid getting sick because of motor insurance. 

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