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Interesting Benefits of Third Party Auto Insurance

December 15, 2014

The third party cover is one of the most popular insurance covers for vehicles on Kenyan roads. Of course, this cover is very limited and does not protect the car owner from personal risks. It however takes care of third parties who suffer harm from accidents involving the car. One may be tempted to think that this cover has no real benefits for the car owner. We have managed to identify several benefits of having a third party cover.

1. You car becomes street-legal

It is illegal to drive a car that does not have valid insurance. All types of auto insurance products will get you the legal validity you need to drive your car. A third party insurance policy is just as legal as the high-end comprehensive policies that come with numerous enhancements. If you can afford third party insurance, then you have earned the right to be on the road.

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2. Third party policies are Easy on the Pocket

Third party policies are very easy on the pocket. The policy is designed for drivers who do not not need the full range of benefits provided by the comprehensive policies, or for any reason cannot access the cash needed for more expensive policies. They are therefore very affordable and are therefore easy to pay. You do not have to call a Harambee just to pay for your car insurance kenya. Third party cover is there just for those times.

3. The third party policies protect you from expensive fixes when you cause an accident

Imagine this; you are in one of those three-hour traffic jams somewhere in Nairobi driving your Nissan Datsun. Your 20-year-old car has seen better days and has aged gracefully. In front of you, there is a Porsche Cayenne looking all new and bright, complete with all the bells and whistles that come with new cars. The hours in traffic have had a toll on you. You are tired, hungry, and eager to get home.

On your right, there is an overlapping matatu, which is of course waiting for the Cayenne to inch forward just a bit so that it gets in between your Datsun and the Cayenne. Then traffic moves forward. What happens next is something akin to a scene from Drive Angry. You quickly step on the gas and your car gallops. This matatu will not take that spot, you tell yourself. As you land from your gallop, you bonnet lifts up in surrender, and the thud tells you that your car and the cayenne are now intimate. Thank God for Third party car insurance

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4. Third Party Insurance Cover gives Car Owners a Choice

Some vehicle owners do not need the perks provided by comprehensive policies. The third party policy gives them an affordable and practical choice when it comes to insurance. Vehicles that are not exposed to the full range of risks that others cars face do not need comprehensive cover. Third party policies are ideal for these vehicles. 

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