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Profile Of A Car Insurance Conman

November 12, 2014

Every car insurance company knows that conmanship is a highly skilled job. The skills needed to pull off a successful con-job involving car insurance and insurance in general requires a wide range of skills. In addition it requires an instinctive understanding of human psychology, and an ability to pick a mark. Many times we hear people who say that they cannot fall prey to a conman. However, people are more susceptible to the wiles of conmen than they are willing to admit. We have compiled a shortlist of some of the attributes of conmen that can help a car owner to ward off con attempts.

1. Accurately Fits the Description of whoever he claims to be

A car insurance conman who claims to be a manager with an insurance company will look the part, to the detail. He will have a notebook with the insurance company’s branding. His suit will be just about as comparable to the one managers at his level wear. He will also have the language of a manager, an expensive looking phone, dangle some car keys, and will even receive calls from the office and give a few directions to “his secretary” in your presence. You won’t be able to tell him apart from the real deal by just looking or listening.

2. Has a High level of Intuition

A car insurance conman has a high level of intuition. After spending a few minutes with you, he will know how to steer the conversation. He will only need a few moments to figure you out and to know how to string you along. You will not be aware that you are about to become a victim of motor insuranc fraud.

3. Is an expert at connecting with you

The conman is also an expert in connecting with his victim. He will show you keen interest, something will tell you he cares. However, all this time, he is creating a false reality in your mind as he finds loopholes to exploit. He will indentify something you would love to talk about, and then he will have stories to corroborate how he understands you. Before you know it, you will be feeling like someone important, having a conversation with someone important.

4. Is skilled in extracting personal information

The car insurance conman is extremely skilled in extraction personal information from you. Before your meeting is over, he will know how many children you have, where you bank, the type of insurance products you buy, where you shop and even the estate you live. He will make you feel very comfortable in his presence and you end up divulging personal information willingly.

5. Is an excellent conversationalist

When you are with the conman, you will have a great conversation. He will have a way of weaving an incredible story for you as you spend time together. All this will be to prepare you for the punchline. By the time it dawns on you that you have been conned, you will still be feeling warm inside because of the great conversation you had with this manager.

Insurance conmen are very creative perpetrators of insurance fraud. They tend to target people looking for a quick and easy deal to get car insurance. As the adage goes, when the deal is too good, think twice. Check out any special offers someone gives you claiming to be from an insurance agency. Before you part with any coin, do your homework. Call the company and ask to speak to him. 

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