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The Downsides Of A Courtesy Car

November 12, 2014

Having a courtesy car as part of your motor insurance kenya cover can be a great source of convenience when your car is out of service. A courtesy car comes in handy to ensure that your mobility is not impeded as your car undergoes repairs. Insurance companies pay for the cost of hiring a car from a car-hire company, which you use for the specified period. However, there are some downsides associated with courtesy cars. Here are some of them.

1. Limited Choice of Car-Type

As a client, you do not have much choice regarding the type of car that your car insurance company through its car hire agent will provide. It means that you can end up with a car that does not fit very well into your lifestyle, and you will be stuck with it until your car is back on the road. The choice of cars availed to you depends on the cars available on yard of the car-hire company.

2. Limited Usage

The car will also come with a contract indicating limitations on the usage of the car. Unlike your own car, which you can choose to drive to any part of the country, courtesy cars provided by your insurance company will come with certain restrictions regarding where you will be using the car, and how you will use it. If you declare that you will use the car predominantly in the city, any trip you plan to make away from the city must be communicated to the car hire company beforehand.

3. Limited Duration

Courtesy cars from insurance companies have a limited period of availability. Insurance companies will cater for the first 30 days of the absence of your car, and after that, you will be required to pay for any extra day. While the 30-day period is generally sufficient to carry out repairs, it can be an inconvenience if your car is not ready by then. In this sense, the limited duration means that as soon as you take the courtesy car, you must hope that your car will be ready for use before the period on the courtesy car elapses.

4. Monitored Usage

Most cars issued as courtesy cars by motor insurance companies have trackers fitted on them to track their location at any one time. While a tracking system is fitted on the car as a security precaution, it can still be an unwelcome intrusion to your lifestyle. You do not have the option of discontinuing tracking if you have a problem with it. In this sense, if you value your privacy and you do not want someone else to track your movements, this feature can be a major inconvenience.

5. Additions Insurance Liabilities in case of an Accident

Finally, just like your car, courtesy cars also come with their own insurance conditions. Many of them will require you to pay excess on any damage the car might suffer in your hands. It may be possible to pay an excess protector, but then this is an additional cost to your motor insurance costs. Damages not covered by the cars insurance policy are charged on you. This means that you must be extra careful when driving a courtesy car.

Despite these limitations, access to a courtesy car is still better than the alternative. If you would like to see the impact of adding this benefit to your cover, please fill out our online quote generator and compare insurance quotes from different insurance companies. 

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