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The Value Of A Courtesy Car

November 12, 2014

Accidents happen even to the most careful drivers. As the adage goes, it takes two to Tango. No car is immune from accidental damage and it is impossible to determine what sort of accidents a particular car will experience. This is why it makes plenty of sense to have a plan B in case your car is involved in a crippling accident.

Motor Insurance policies will give you the option of paying premiums to cover the cost of a courtesy car in the event that your car is not available for use after the occurrence of some insured risks (courtesy car provision is subject to some exemptions). A courtesy car can come in handy to you in several ways.

First, a courtesy car ensures that your schedule and lifestyle is not interrupted. This can be critical if your car plays a key role in your lifestyle. For instance, if you live far from public transport access points, and you must have a car to commute, a courtesy car will cover you for the period your car is out of service.

This benefit will also ensure that you can still take your kids to school on time, and that you do not have additional worries regarding how you will get back home after work. Without a courtesy car, you will need to pay for cabs, or will need to hire a car for the period, at costs that far exceeds the car insurance premiums you would add to your basic cover to get a courtesy car.

A courtesy car also takes the pressure off the repair process, giving you more space to inspect repairs before taking back your car. Accidents that require the car to be in an auto repair shop for an extended period usually also require careful work.

If you have no courtesy car at your disposal, you are likely to put the repair shop under pressure to release your car. This can force them to use shortcuts that would be detrimental to your car in the long-run.

The third benefit you enjoy from a courtesy car provided by your motor insurance provider is that the cost you will incur is much lower than the actual cost of hiring the car for the same period. If you do not include the cost of a courtesy car in your premiums, the money you will spend on hiring cabs or hiring a car for the duration of absence of your car will be very high in comparison.

It is possible to spend an amount that is equivalent to the full cost of an insurance cover to pay for car hire. Why not use a fraction of it and enhance your auto cover rather than risk even more financial resources?

Feel free to use our free car insurance kenya quote generator to find out how much it will cost you to include a courtesy car in your cover just in case you need it down the road. You can also get plenty of information on other auto insurance enhancements from our quote generator. 

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