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Tips for Mobilizing your Coworkers to Push for Group Car Insurance

March 10, 2015

Some organizations are hesitant to institute group car Insurance schemes for their employees. The reasons for this can range from sheer lack of will, to ignorance. Whatever the case, employees have certain distinct benefits that they can enjoy by being part of a group car insurance scheme. If your organization does not have one yet, and you think your colleagues would be interested, then the following tips can help you to mobilize them towards pushing your company to adopt a car insurance scheme.

1. Find out if you have the Numbers

The first step in this process is finding out whether you have sufficient numbers to justify a group car insurance scheme. Insurance companies have minimum requirements for a company to qualify as a corporate client. This will involve getting the complete number of vehicles owned by your colleagues and the company.

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2. Research on the Potential Cost Savings for the employees

Secondly, talk to insurance companies to find out how much such a scheme would cost. In order to find out the actual cost savings that your will have, fill the free online motor insurance quote form from insureafrika to find out the market rates for each type of motor vehicle insurance. Thereafter calculate the difference between the rates charged for group motor insurance schemes, and open market rates charged to individual car owners. This information will be vital in convincing your colleagues to join the push for a corporate car insurance scheme.

3. Identify the Benefits the Organization can Derive from the Scheme

The third step is identifying the benefits that your organization will have if it implements the scheme. You must be able to convince the management that this scheme is not just another addition to its management duties, but is actually going to bring benefits to the organization. The range of potential benefits includes employee motivation, an inexpensive addition to the benefits schedule of the organization, and increased morale. Get creative and identify places in the organization where this scheme will make a difference.

4. Find Champions for the process

Identify opinion leaders in the organization, and then, one by one talk to them about your ideas. Keep it very simple initially, and then progressively, show them the benefits of the scheme to the employees. Appeal to their personal interests and allow then to build on the idea until they own it.

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5. Make a Pitch to your Managers

Finally, identify one or more managers who you believe will like the idea. Make a short pitch on how the introduction of the scheme will benefit the organization. Stress on staff productivity, and the motivating potential of the scheme. These are the basic concerns of any manager. Request this manager to forward the proposal, and hand over your research. If these steps don’t work, at least it may earn you a promotion for demonstrating that you understand your organization. If you want to be involved in the implementation, state so. Otherwise, suggest the people who you think are best placed to move the process forward. 

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