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When to Quit your Group Motor Insurance Provider

March 10, 2015

Quitting a motor insurance provider can be like getting a divorce. Surprisingly, the same things that make many couples get divorced are the same ones that present warning signs that you need to quit your group motor insurance provider. Some of the often listed reasons by couples who are seeking divorce include poor communication, money, and infidelity. Here is how they factor into your relationship with your group auto insurance provider.

Communication Problems

Communication problems can end any relationship. Large insurance companies in kenya with large portfolios can find themselves with the same challenges that afflict large families. Some members will get little or no attention, and the situation usually gets worse by the day. If you feel that your insurance company is ignoring you deliberately or otherwise, it may be time to end the relationship.

Telltale signs of communication problems include failure to respond to your correspondence, delays in responding to your inquiries, or shallow responses that do not address your needs.

You may be able to spot a company that has a problem keeping the discussions going when you first meet their sales representatives.

  • Do they follow up on discussions?
  • Do they wait for you to get back?
  • When was the last time anyone from the company communicated to you in the last year if it was not about premium payments?

All these facts should guide your decision regarding whether you are a special child, or the invisible family member.

Money Issues

Money is a sticking point when it comes to relationships. People have different philosophies regarding money, and so do companies. Some people get into relationships for financial security. This in itself is neither right nor wrong. However, when a selfish attitude accompanies it, then you have the makings of a divorce. When it comes to insurance, you are better off with a company that actually shows interest in your needs, rather than interest only in your money.

Is the company keen on making sure you understand what you are buying? Does the motor insurance company take time to explain the implications of what you are leaving out in their policies? Can you sense a genuine interest in covering you from risk, or are you only serving to make the insurance company profitable? Any dissatisfaction that starts with money is likely to end up in a divorce.


Infidelity seems like a strong word when it comes to insurance. However, it is possible to feel cheated by an insurance company that is insincere in how it runs its affairs. For instance, if the car insurance kenya company set for you a certain goal as a condition for getting a specified discount, that shouldn’t change.

You organization may have been seeking a certain premium rate for your employees, but the motor insurance company said you must have a certain number of policies for you to qualify. Whether verbal or written, the company should honor its word on the issue when you attain this goal.

If you find that your insurance company keeps changing its policy on issues in ways that make it harder for you to access affordable premiums for you employees, then maybe the relationship isn’t worth having. rom

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