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What Is Windscreen Cover - Is It Included In My Car Insurance?

August 23, 2017

Might you be wondering what a windscreen cover is and whether you may need one for your car?

A windscreen cover is a special benefit that protects you against the costs of replacing your windscreen in the event of an accident, or damage affecting it. The cover is usually sold as a separate add-on but linked to your comprehensive car insurance cover. To get a windscreen cover, your insurer will ask you to pay an additional premium.

Risks to your Windscreen

It makes complete sense to assess whether you need a windscreen cover. One quick way of doing this assessment is to check whether you are exposed to some of the common risks that affect car windscreens. The most common type of windscreen damage is the development of a hairline crack on the windscreen.

You will be surprised at just how common hairline factures are on car windscreens. If you hit a bird or a sufficiently large insect, the impact may result in a hairline fracture.

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Your windscreen can also get a fracture if you driver too close to a truck carrying soil or ballast. When you hit a tiny piece of rock such as ballast fragment at 100 kilometers per hour, the force is substantial and can result in a hairline fracture on your windscreen.

The trouble with your windscreen is that the risks do not end simply because you are not on the road. If you live in a flat with a parking overlooking the verandahs or balconies, your windscreen can also be damaged by falling objects.

These objects can be anything from falling pegs, children’s toy, keys or shoes, and anything in between. If you park near a building under construction, falling nails, ballast or pieces of wood can also result in damage to your car’s windscreen.

How are Car Windscreens Damaged?

As we have already discussed, your windscreen can suffer from hairline fractures usually caused by extreme force on a single point on the windshield. If you hit a large object or if something large hits your windscreen when parked your windscreen can be damaged more seriously, producing a webbed crack.

Large pieces of rock, hard balls (such as hockey and golf balls) may result in large webbed fractures. Your windscreen can also be completely damaged and can cave in if you hit a large object such as a big animal (think zebras, donkeys and cows).  

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Why do you need a Windscreen Cover?

The main reason why you need a windscreen cover is that it is not always protected by the standard car insurance kenya. You must pay a little more to get this cover included.

The other reason is that windscreens can be expensive to buy, hence having a cover makes it possible for you to transfer this cost to the insurance company.

Thirdly, your car’s windscreen is at risk at all times, even in cases where the car itself would be generally safe. You don’t have to be on the road for the windscreen to be damaged. The windscreen can be damaged in the relative safety of your residence or office parking lot.

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