Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What services does insureafrika offer?

Insureafrika is a free quoting service for insurance products in Kenya. The service gives users free quotes for every product category and allows users to choose the company to buy their insurance.

2. What are the main benefits of the free quoting service from insureafrika?

The main benefits of the service is that is gives users the opportunity to get the cheapest quotes for their insurance needs, from all the insurance companies in Kenya. The service not only saves you money, but it also saves you time spent shopping for insurance.

3. Does insureafrika offer any insurance services?

Insureafrika is not an insurance company and does not offer any insurance services. We do not offer policies and do not issue any guarantees in regards to the efficacy of the policies offered by the insurance companies listed in our site. Our sole mandate is to help our users to compare quotes from different insurance companies.

4. Is insureafrika an insurance agency?

Insureafrika is not an insurance agency. Our main business is strictly offering a free quoting service for our users.

5. Why can’t I see quotes from some insurance companies in the form?

There could be two reasons. First, it is possible that the company does not have a policy cover that fits the criteria you set in the form (e.g. if your car is older than 15 years, it may be challenging to get an insurer willing to give you comprehensive car insurance for it).

The second reason could be that the insurance company does not participate in our quoting service.

Please get in touch with us using any of the contacts in our ­contact us page in case you cannot find what you need so that we find other ways to help you.

6. What happens once I give you my contacts?

Once you have made a decision on which policy you want to purchase, we send your contacts to the specific company or companies that you want to buy your policy. We do not send your contacts anywhere else without your authorization.

We retain your contacts in our system for quality assurance purposes, and may use them from time to time to send you information that relates to our services such as upgrades, addition of new services or discontinuation of some services. 

7. Are the rates I see in the form current?

We do everything in our power to give you current rates for all insurance companies as issued by insurance carriers. Insurance companies usually inform us whenever they change their rates and whenever they launch new products. We then update the list of products and prices as presented to you through our free quoting form.

8. Will insureafrika help me to make my claims?

Insureafrika does not get involved with your policy matters. Our services will let you know where to get the best deals, and after that, you enter into an agreement with the insurance company of your choice. Present your claims directly to the insurance company, and not to insureafrika.

9. How can I contact insureafrika?

If you have an issue (s) not dealt with here and you would like to speak directly with someone from insureafrika, please visit our contact us page and use any of the contacts there to get in touch with us.