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5 Ways to Get Affordable Health Insurance Quotes

March 17, 2015

Getting affordable health insurance quotes can be quite challenging even for seasoned players. You will find too much unsubstantiated information riding on the back of possible facts. Comparing quotes from just two companies can feel like doing complex data analysis on a square ruled mathematics exercise book. Then there is the headache of convincing your bosses, or your bosses’ boss, on the best plan if you are buying medical insurance for your company. You might as well be comparing apples to oranges! Insureafrika exists to make your work easy on everything insurance, especially at the level of getting quotes. We also want you to get cheap medical insurance quotes because you will get the exact same services from different hospitals, only what you pay will be different depending on who insures you. Here are four ways to get cheap health insurance quotes.

Talk to MANY insurance agents

Insurance agents are surprisingly resourceful when it comes to getting affordable health insurance quotes kenya. They literally live on insurance hence they quickly get it when it comes to who has the best quotes. The cracker in talking to the agents is that they have these quotes almost memorized because they push products from different companies. However, there’s a catch! The agents get the best commissions when they sell high-end products. Therefore, they are not just there to show you the cheapest health insurance quotes in the market unless you give them an incentive. You will need to be very skillful when talking to them to get this information. What we can guarantee is that they have it.

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Talk to Reliable Informants

Yes. There is quite a long list of informants within and around the insurance industry who can help you get the cheap health insurance quotes. We are thinking of employees working in insurance companies, your counterparts in other companies, or if you are buying insurance privately, other people who have bought personal covers. If you thought through it, you will quickly find that you have a list of persons who can help you to know what the best rates in the market are, and how to get the cheapest quotes.

Negotiate Tough with Company Representatives

Another tactic that veterans in this sector will tell you is that you can get pretty good rates if you are willing to negotiate tough with health insurance carriers. Let them know you mean business and then focus on getting the best rates possible. Imagine getting the best rates from our quote form, and then negotiating the rates even lower! Now that’s how to be a winner.

Fill the free insureafrika health insurance quote form

You can also get the best rates for you medical insurance by simply filling in our free health insurance quote form. Our form gives you access to health insurance carriers, free quotes customized according to your needs, and a comparative list of quotes based on your exact needs. Either you can spend time and money talking to many people about this, or you can just fill the form, and decide on whom you want to talk to. The beauty is that after you get the free quote, you get to choose from the list of providers who you would like to submit your details. The fun part is that the insurance company will get in touch with you, and not the other way round. 

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