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7 Insurance Tips When Planning For A Baby

May 22, 2015

The reality however is that the costs of childbirth may be a big hindrance to the warranted celebration that ought to surround the arrival of a new child. The saving grace is that medical insurance policies can help to offset most of the bills associated with childbirth. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of insurance options when expecting a baby

1. Always compare insurance rates

At, we consider this a no-brainer because it is what we have turned it to. Just visit our website, enter your details, and then get a comparative list of quotes from insurance companies in Kenya immediately. Comparing health insurance kenya quotes will make it easy for you to get the best quotes for the cover you need.

2. Buy/renew your insurance BEFORE you get pregnant

All maternity policies currently in the market have a waiting period ranging from three to nine months. This means that looking for health insurance after conception is not smart at all. A health cover is still important in any case, but you will not enjoy the maternity benefits associated with your cover.

3. Ensure your NHIF contributions are in order

Insurance companies will pay your bill less what NHIF should pay. In the event that your NHIF contributions are not in order, you will be forced to pay that from your pocket. When you are getting a baby, you would rather spend money on other critical needs at the time, so make sure your contributions are in order.

4. Compare Hospital rates for both CS and natural birth (Settle on a hospital early)

When preparing for a baby, most mothers prefer and hope to give birth naturally. The reality however is that a segment of mothers will have to go through Caesarean Section to deliver. Therefore, when planning for maternity hospitalization, find out what it will cost you in case you undergo a CS.

5. Prepare for any eventualities

Many things can happen when having a new baby. Preparation is key to make the process as smooth and as trouble free as possible. It is advisable to have a personal medical fund just in case the cover is exceeded, just as it is critical to understand all limits associated with the maternity cover.

6. Manage your cover carefully in the run up to the due-date

The mother may need hospitalization before and after childbirth. Remember that it is important not to exhaust your cover before and during childbirth, just in case you need specialized care afterwards.

7. Keep tabs on costs while at the hospital

While at the hospital, keep tabs on the medical bills especially if the doctor orders additional tests or if further conditions, quite apart from the maternity costs, come up. Keeping track of the bills will make it a lot easier for you to make decisions regarding the care options available to you. For instance, a general ward may make sense if the cost of a private ward will upset your medical budget. 

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