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About ICEA LION Life

ICEA LION Life Assurance focuses on life policies for its members. It has both personal life products as well as corporate products which include endowment policies, mortgage plans, among others.

The company is a subsidiary of the ICEA Lion group, which was formed after the merger between the Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA), and Lion of Kenya Insurance Company.

The merger made the company one of the largest and strongest insurance companies in the regions, promising greater stability for its clients. The company is currently developing and deploying competitive life insurance products in the East African market. 

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ICEA LION Life insurance is an equal opportunity employer. The company is considered a great employer and is a place you can grow your career within the insurance industry. The company posts various openings in the dailies and on its website. Please visit the company’s website to view all the job openings available at the company.