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Kenindia Assurance Company Ltd was formed in 1978 when several Indian Insurance companies operating in Kenya decided to merge to form one unit. The company currently provides a wide portfolio of insurance products in the general insurance segments. Its gross premium income crossed the 3 Billion mark in 2007 and made it the largest non-life insurance company in Kenya. The company boasts of a quick claims settlement policy and a large portfolio of products to choose from, which include Personal accident policy, marine insurance policy, erection all risks, fire insurance policy, travel insurance policy, public liability policy, burglary policy, among others.   


  • Quick Claims Settlement
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Deep knowledge of the Kenyan insurance sector


Kenindia Head Office Nairobi

Address: Kenindia House, Loita Street, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 316099 / 2214439

Fax: +254 (020) 2218380

P.O. Box: 44372 - 00100 G.P.O. Nairobi

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Westlands Branch, Nairobi

Address: 3rd Floor, Fortis Towers, Woodvale Grove, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 4449222 / 4444327

Fax: +254 (020) 4440179

P.O. Box: 14624 - 00800 Nairobi

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Industrial Area Branch, Nairobi

Address: 1st Floor, Fina Bank House, Bamburi Road off Enterprise Road, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 6537202 / 6537204

Fax: +254 (020) 6537205

P.O. Box: 27650 - 00506 Nairobi

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Mombasa Branch

Address: Biashara Building, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (041) 2313715

Fax: +254 (041) 2314478

P.O. Box: 90037 - 80100 Mombasa

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Nakuru Branch

Address: Giddo Plaza, Next to Harvester Road, Nakuru, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (051) 2216852

Fax: +254 (051) 2213908

P.O. Box: 2620 - 20100 Nakuru

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Nyeri Branch

Address: Rupshi Chambers, Nyeri, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (061) 2030085

Fax: +254 (061) 2030183

P.O. Box: 884 - 100 Nyeri

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Eldoret Branch

Address: 2nd Floor, Kenindia Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street, Eldoret, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (053) 2032153

Fax: +254 (053) 2031950

P.O. Box: 2103 - 30100 Eldoret

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Kisii Branch

Address: Sansora Building, Sansora Road, Kisii, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (058) 30339

Fax: +254 (058) 30686

P.O. Box: 1081 - 40200 Kisii

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Kisumu Branch

Address: Mega Plaza, Block D, Oginga Odinga Road Kisumu, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (057) 2022719

Fax: +254 (057) 2022035

P.O. Box: 1907 - 40100 Kisumu

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Machakos Branch

Address: 2nd Floor, Utisi House, Konza Road, Machakos, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (044) 2020450

P.O. Box: 971 - 90100 Machakos

Email: [email protected] 


Kenindia Thika Branch

Address: 3rd Floor, Thika Arcade, Kenyatta Highway, Thika, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (067) 20430

P.O. Box: 7478 - 00100 Thika

Email: [email protected] 



Kenindia’s Branches

Kenindia Insurance has 1 branches. Here is the list of contacts of all Kenindia insurance branches.

Sr. No Location Address Contacts Email
1 Main Office Kenindia House, Loita Street, Nairobi, KENYA. Phone: +254 (020) 316099 / 2214439 Fax: +254 (020) 2218380 P.O. Box: 44372 - 00100 G.P.O. Nairobi Email: [email protected] Web:

Kenindia’s Payments

Kenindia Insurance has a number of modes through which payments can be made for their various products. Below are the various modes of payment.

Account Details


Paybill Numbers



Kenindia insurance is an equal opportunity employer. The company is considered a great employer and is a place you can grow your career within the insurance industry. The company posts various openings in the dailies and on its website. Please visit the company’s website to view all the job openings available at the company.