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Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited
Kenya Re is one of the best-known re-insurance companies in Kenya. Its interests span the entire East Africa region. The company provides re-insurance and co-insurance services for first level insurance companies. The company is one of the oldest re-insurance companies in the region and has a proven record in the re-insurance sector. With growing competition from other re-insurance companies, the company is deepening its local relationships as it expands its product offerings to its clients. Its growing interests in the region makes it a great partner for regional re-insurance needs such as cross boarder investments, business operations and venture activities. 




Kenya Re’s Branches

Kenya Re Insurance has 1 branches. Here is the list of contacts of all Kenya Re insurance branches.

Sr. No Location Address Contacts Email
1 Main Office Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Ltd. Head Office Reinsurance Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: +254 20 2202000, +254703083000,

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Kenya Re Insurance has a number of modes through which payments can be made for their various products. Below are the various modes of payment.

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Kenya Re insurance is an equal opportunity employer. The company is considered a great employer and is a place you can grow your career within the insurance industry. The company posts various openings in the dailies and on its website. Please visit the company’s website to view all the job openings available at the company.