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Xplico Insurance Company Limited underwrites risks in the general insurance segment. Its current product portfolio includes motor insurance, personal accident insurance, and domestic package among others. The company is poised to become a major player in the insurance market owing to its visionary business model. It currently serves clients who need insurance covers in a variety of general insurance risk areas. Despite being a relatively young insurance company, the company has already demonstrated a strong commitment to the Kenyan market and is aggressively growing its branch network to make its services accessible to as many Kenyans as possible. The company’s business model is based on the philosophy that all Kenyans should have access to insurance as conveniently as possible. This philosophy drives the many-branch approach the company has used to take insurance to as many town in Kenya as possible. Its has numerous agencies and business partners operating in all the major towns in Kenya.

Xplico Insurance company considers itself the fastest growing insurer in the region based in its aggressive marketing model. If you are looking for a company with the best local reach in Kenya, xplico insurance is your answer. 


Headquarters Park Place, 2nd Avenue, 5th Floor, Parklands, Off Limuru Road

Xplico’s Branches

Xplico Insurance has 1 branches. Here is the list of contacts of all Xplico insurance branches.

Sr. No Location Address Contacts Email
1 Head Office Xplico Head Office Park Place, 2nd Avenue, 5th Floor, Parklands, Off Limuru Road P.O.Box 38106-00623, Nairobi, Kenya. Telephone : +254700111999 Mobile Number: +254700111999 Email: [email protected]

Xplico’s Payments

Xplico Insurance has a number of modes through which payments can be made for their various products. Below are the various modes of payment.

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Paybill Numbers

Insurance Type Paybill Number
General Insurance 976710


Xplico insurance is an equal opportunity employer. The company is considered a great employer and is a place you can grow your career within the insurance industry. The company posts various openings in the dailies and on its website. Please visit the company’s website to view all the job openings available at the company.