The traditional approach to buying car insurance is long, tiresome, and ineffective in helping someone to acquire car insurance. It started with making calls to friends, and relatives, and dusting business cards from insurance brokers to find out who can provide you with the information needed to buy Car Insurance Kenya. The second step was making calls to various companies to try to find out which one had the best rates and which one had the best car insurance cover. Some calls would be returned, others would not be returned. Inevitably, you would end up with very little useful information. You would be forced to pick a carrier with very little information to go by. It was up to you to contact an insurance company for a quote and to process your application.


The approach we use at makes it possible for you to gather all the information you need in a very short time. It starts with visiting this site and entering your details. Our system the searches for you all the options you have and, presents quotes from all car insurance companies to you in a prioritised format. You can view in detail any of the quotes we prepare, and upon finding the one that suits you, we send your details to your insurer of choice. The insurance company then contacts you and guides you in the process of buying insurance. 

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